Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Embrace the Random!

All my life I was in search of order. Actually, that's not true. My parents were the ones who wanted everything to be orderly and tidy. I wanted to be a hippy (except I wanted to shave my legs and drive a decent car).

So, long after their tapes quit playing in my head, I decided to embrace the random, less ordered things in life.

I am an energy healer (pick a modality and I've probably used it at least some). I am a (sometimes) writer and editor. I am always a dog walker.

Now I am embracing NANO to keep the muse engaged and doing something outrageous!


Anonymous said...

I have decided to get colored contacts, dye my hair, get a tattoo, move to Nepal and become a Buddhist.

Or maybe I'll just embrace my inner Phoenix and write it out during NaNo.

What a great November it's going to be.


Lisa said...

If I weren't so afraid of poking my eye out, I'd join you on the contacts! I'm afraid of needles, so I'd just keep you company when you get yours!

Embracing the inner Phoenix - not a bad idea at all. I may have to do it, too!