Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who do we remember in the stories we read?

I've been pondering my lack of character development (in my written characters - I already know I'm woefully behind in my own development).

The real question is: Who do we remember most from a story and why?

I remember Cruella D'Ville from 101 Dalmations and have no idea who the human couple were.

The witch who gave Snow White the apple stands out far more than does Prince Charming at the end, right?

Rumpelstiltskin or the princess?

The bad guys with the warts are the ones we want to see either 1) get it in the end 2) become reformed before the story is over

What about 'regular' fiction and not just the fairy tales? I love books that are in a series because it gives me the reader a chance to see where the author's imagination will take a character. Is he/she exactly the same in book one as in book seven?

If the book is a single title, will the character change much over the course of the book or will I get to see more than just the surface?

I recently read a James Patterson book, Sam's Letters to Jennifer. It is a quiet book that made a lot of points about love, life, change, and the ability to be who you are and not who the rest of the world wants you to be.

I will always love a happily ever after ending. I was raised on Walt Disney's version of fairy tales and the impression stuck.

Change is good, right?

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