Friday, August 5, 2011

re-writing history

I have the opportunity to rewrite something for an anthology; it's due on Halloween.

Last year, I wrote what I thought was a decent story.  The editors apparently liked it and we got about two-thirds through the editing process when my ego couldn't stand it any more and I withdrew.

The knock came at my door just this morning.

Now I have to decide if I want to try it again.

Is my ego stronger?

Are my skills better?

Have I learned anything?

Yep.  I have and I will try it again.  They bought it once; they'll probably buy it again.

Oh - I found a place that will take one of my favorite stories and post it.  Humor.  Who knew it was back in vogue?


Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, wait! I need details! You have two things potentially being published? What s the humor story? editor at the paranormal place? Via you I did learn from that: now when I read, all I can think is "telling/ not showing...bad, bad, bad." LOL.

I am happy they loved the story enuf to try again. It was/ is wonderful.



Karen said...

Congrats! Great news!