Thursday, January 12, 2012

I fell in love ... again.

I stand before you, metaphorical hat in hand, eyes downcast, smile in my heart and announce that once again I have fallen in love.

Several of my uber smart friends have been trying to get me to read an amazing author Kevin Hearne.  He writes urban paranormal adventures.  He main character is Atticus O'Sullivan, and who doesn't love a good Irish boy, and his dog Oberon.  

There are oodles of places to go to find reviews and buy his books ... so I won't get into any of that.  What I will say is that he is my hero.

Paranormal books are often written by people who throw everything away except their own (small) view of the world.  Usually set in a fictional city.  Blood, violence, sex, and vampires abound.  The stories aren't complex and aren't intended to be.

Not so in the Iron Druid series.  There is plenty of blood, violence, vampires, and a smattering of sex, but none of it is just because - it all exists for a reason.  Atticus quotes famous poets, the Bard, and lines from great literature.  The pantheons all seem to play (not so nicely) together.  Each character has a unique voice and cadence and Atticus keeps up with them all.  Plus he's got a sword and knows how to use it.

Because the author is so skilled, the books are richly textured, very involved, and yet flow easily into each other.

The only author I think is similar to Kevin Hearne is Jim Butcher of the Dresden files.  Hearne has a much deeper story line and reminds me of good chocolate.  Really expensive (read good) chocolate is to be savored slowly and each nuance enjoyed to the full.  The over the counter stuff (think Hersheys) is still chocolate and still wonderful, but some of the nuance and delicate notes are missing.

Plus the stories, thus far, are set in the Valley of the Sun ... not too terribly far from my college stomping grounds and my current residence.  To know that the author knows and accurately represents a location so well without making the story seem over-full of details takes amazing alacrity.

So far there are but three (just three) books in the series.  The fourth is out in late April - and the wait is killing me.


Anonymous said...

Aloha, Lisa.

I just finished book 1 and have downloaded book 2. I really enjoyed the book and I, too, am in love.

The story was deeper than the usual Dresden Files, but I do still love Harry. (I'm completely ignoring the last book in the series. It was terribly disappointing.)

Take care and thanks for suggesting Atticus and Oberon.


Lisa said...

I think Harry Dresden (except for the last book) is my favorite ... there is something about him that is so incredibly lovable.

Thankfully my heart is big enough (and expansive enough) to hold love for Atticus and Oberon!

I opened a photobucket account and have some pictures of Papago Park if you want to see ... will also post for Civic Center, Mill Avenue and the Rula Bula (when I get those taken).

So, so, so glad you liked it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! You know I always check out your recommendations...and I was very happy to find that Kindle had KH's first book available as a free "Try a Chapter" [I forget what they really call it]..and I promptly downlaoded it. Very enjoyable, very well-written....I m not one for supernatural so I m not sure I ll continue and buy the whole book, but I def can see the appeal.
BTW, remember an un-named "disappointing" at best chick-lit/mystery author you mentioned awhile back. [Plum-Lite?] Just want to tell were 100% accurate! (I wouldn t have been as nice!).

Thanks for great book ideas, info!



[Hi,too, to Hunter!]