Wednesday, February 22, 2012

how walking an old dog is like driving an automatic

Old Gold, aka Blondie Boy, recently had the chance to give a little girl her semi-annual 'dog lessons.'

He is the old Caddy of dogs.


Well built.

Handles well, but needs time to maneuver in traffic.

Superior alignment (meaning the leash is let go and he continues to go in a straight line until the driver gets an improved grip on the leash).

Unfortunately, the blond has instilled a false sense of ability into the small child.

She thought she was ready for the MG (the Midget sports car from once upon a time).  [In this case, it is just a great looking old car ... ]


Built to maneuver well in traffic.

Needs a firm hand and an alert handler. (The bushes smell better when there's no one at the helm.)


When she is about 40 her parents will let her drive ... wonder what she'll choose?

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