Sunday, February 19, 2012

palm reading and how things change

Eons ago, I started to read palms.  Nothing too heavy duty.  No disclosing of the number of marriages someone would have, relationships that would go sour, money that was like sand escaping from the clenched hand.

It was more of an exercise in personality. As in did the subject have a personality?  What was the temper?  Was the ego so large it filled a room?

The ego check is the easiest part of a personality to check ... it has to do with the thumb and if it moves or how it moves.

For years, my thumb was still and stuck in a very 'up' type of position ... big ego and not necessarily well deserved.  Later it was very balanced ... think Goldilocks and the ego that was just right.

Two weeks ago, I went to a party and wound up doing four or five hands. When I showed a woman how her significant other's ego worked and demonstrated it on myself, I was gobsmacked.  It was stuck in the doormat position.

How long have I allowed others to trample my ego?

Longer than I'd like to think or admit.

Why so long?


I no longer do freebies and seldom give the brief introduction to palms.  So I hadn't checked myself in forever.

What to do about it?

Become aware and alert.  Remove myself from people who take advantage.  Look at my alternatives and options.  Make better decisions. Write things down and develop responses.

It is kind of like weight loss ... it won't happen over night, but once the problem is identified, it can be corrected.

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What are the positions? What does it mean? Link?