Thursday, March 1, 2012

Speedbo, is it the next NaNoWriMo?

Writing is a many splendored thing ... it is the opportunity for those of us who hear voices in our heads avoid a trip to the doctor and play with new and interesting people no one else knows about and not worry about the little man in the white suit and the butterfly net.  Or so they say.  Who are THEY anyway?

What is the point?


It is easier to write if someone else is reading and feeding you energy.  It is also easier to write if you've got a deadline.

Enter NaNoWriMo.  NaNo is National Novel Writing Month and exists every November to warm up the imagination before some of us have to write holiday letters ... it also exists to help get that novel that is stuck a way to come into existence.  (I know, too many ex words ... at least this isn't fun with line edits.)

In order to 'win' in Nano, you have to complete 50,000 words. A daunting task but doable.

Speedbo is the month of March.  

The good news?

No sweat about word count.
You can go back and revisit your work, if that's your style (something not encouraged in the Nano world).
Write every day and make it a habit.
Oh, prizes. (I haven't done a lot of looking around about that, but the month is young.)

So, I'll be doing a word counter and updating it this time - on the other blog

There will be very little looking over my shoulder for the man in the white suit because if he's wearing it this much before Memorial Day, which of us is nuts?

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