Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What song changed your life?

Not long ago, the question, :"What song changed your life?" was posed to somebody on the squawk box.

I promptly shut the blame thing off and decided to do some dishes (this was pre-kitchen demo).

Funny thing is, I couldn't shake the question.

Unfortunately, I had no answer.  Not a real one.

Heart and Soul, the piano version, taught me that four part piano music can be fun ... if all of the players are at the same level (and mine never got that elevated).

The Entertainer by Scott Joplin taught me that my fingers can have memories and they don't have to move together as long as they remained in time with each other.

More than This by Roxy Music (see, not an instrumental) taught me that I could be haunted by a rhythm and a grace and not be frightened.

The Beach is Nothing but a Bird Bathroom by the Buzzcocks taught me that sometimes it is a blessing when your father can't understand the lyrics to a song.

Canta Corazon, sung by Alejandro Fernandez, taught me that a sound track isn't just for movies - entire books can and should be written to music.

I believe I can Fly by R Kelly  as sung by a friend of mine Renee Morgan Brooks has given me the confidence to move forward in multiple things.

Then again, she sang The Little Drummer Boy one Christmas and it was the only present I ever needed.

Have I ever played anything or sung anything that ever touched anyone?  Probably not.  I carry my tunes in a bucket ... and the bucket has a hole in the bottom of it.  Not to mention that I can remember about three lines from the chorus of any given song and the rest of the words are 'blah-dy-blah-blah'.

Hats off to those with the talent who share it with the rest of us.

Now.  What have you read, heard, seen that changed something innate in your life?

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