Tuesday, April 17, 2012

can you see me now?

The real indicator of age, for me, was always the dreaded possibility of bifocals.
not my granddad, but you get the idea ...
but he belongs to my family

My grandfather wore them and they left permanent marks on his nose.

I wanted my father to wear them (he had the steely grey hair to go with the look) because we always teased about his age.

For me?  I fought the fight with reading glasses and distance glasses ... I know I was splitting hairs, but it soothed my ego, short term.

When I finally committed the act and got bifocals, nothing was the same.  I never had my eyes in the right place .. they dug into my nose, and I stumbled no matter where I walked nor how flat the surface.

This year my eyes 'changed' enough to justify new glasses ... and though the doctor wanted the 'b' word again, the optical technician talked me into progressive lenses.

For the first time in two years, not only can I see what is around me, I am not stumbling and staggering.

Such a lovely thing to really 'see' what is going on around me!


lizzy said...

Glad you can see again! What about bifocal contacts, or whatever they call them?

And what is the magical place, that baordwalk at the bottom of your blog here?



Lisa Dooley Fisk said...

I have always been too much of a chicken to put my fingers in my eyes, so I know nothing about contacts ... I know everyone else has and can do it ... one day, maybe - then again, maybe not.

The location is actually stock art I purchased when I helped someone else design a website ... she didn't want it and I loved it! Glad you like it, too!