Tuesday, September 25, 2012

signs of fall ... organic apples

My bucket list is very small and incredibly boring to most people.  One of the things on it was apple picking in an orchard (not the produce section of the grocery) ... my sister in California used to go every year with her kids and they made a day of it.

Hubby, the G, the Old Man (Thunder) and I made a day of it this weekend ... sort of.  The normally three hour and change drive was closer to four and a half, not because of traffic but small bladder - the dog's.  

The old man's favorite sport is to see how much water he can recycle every day.  He drinks a gallon or more and then is constantly outside watering the bushes.  Not a bad thing when he's home ... on the road, well - you have to plan things differently.  Every two hours we had to stop, feed the Old Man (hot dogs are a current favorite) and let him water something.

Due to his well advanced age (16 and change), his poor eye sight, and arthritis, we weren't going to walk him far into the apple orchard.  

Turns out, he had different plans.  We bought some fabulous tasting organic apples from the tent since he couldn't do any part of the walk.

So now a bit of the bucket list has been cleared off, but it was bittersweet.

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