Sunday, November 18, 2012

NaNo is 1/2 over ...

NaNoWriMo is now officially more than half over.

How have I done?

One quarter-ish done.


I allow myself to be 
Easily Distracted 
(see below)

I've felt a bit like a bird on a wire ...

Taking the unmarked road to an undisclosed location.
(this road is less and less traveled)

Guess it is heading toward the playground ...


Maybe, just maybe I'll make the 50K minimum ...

Must work on my focus. I know it's around here somewhere ...

1 comment:

Hunter said...

Yeah, well at least you're writing something besides the "Great Egg Salad Sandwich Debacle of 2012."

I am having fun, though, for the first time this NaNo.

We both just need to keep writing and see where we end up. Sort of like life. LOL.

Take care and I hope you're having fun, too.