Wednesday, November 28, 2012

updated progress for 11/28 ... 9263 so far

I love to hate deadlines.

But that's the good news and the bad news.

The muse has been fired - no more playing Mr. Nice Guy - so to speak.

I've enlisted Santa's snoozing and underemployed elves.  

Each one is required to give me 500 words on his or her favorite subject in the next 72 hours.

No idea how that's going because things are picking up at the Pole.

So far today, I've gotten 7366 words out of them ... only 21070 ish to go ...

Classroom full of elves.


Anonymous said...

Wow, way to go.

I'm so proud of you and hope you'll lend me some of those elves next year.

I'm sending words your way. Hope they make more sense to you than they do to me. LOL.


Lisa Dooley Fisk said...


Am using all of your words and then some.

The beginning of any story is always the worst part for me because I don't know who anyone is - how they interact, etc.

Once I can hear them and see them, words tend to fly.

This is the secret force behind most multipublished authors, me thinks, they are already in the middle of things when the new book begins!


You can have the elves, the muses, and even a few Greek gods at your disposal! Let me know when you want them!