Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the rules for NaNo ... camping version

My grandmother (and this is not a picture of my grandmother) used to tell me that I needed to look the part.  No matter what I did, I needed to look the part.

Tough thinking I am a writer when I wear grungy sweat pants, old t-shirts, and my dog tells me when my time is up for the day (he's got a small bladder, active appetite, and thinks of me as his favorite toy).

So, I'm instituting a few changes.

1) I'm closing the door when I write.

2) There is a timer set so I won't be late for the dog's meds and meals.

3) I am actually going to brush my teeth and hair before I start slaving over a keyboard ... I scared the mail person the other day doing an imitation of Medusa (and no, I did not look like Uma Thurman)

4) There will be a theme song.  Right now, me thinks it will be either instrumental or in Spanish so I can't scare the puppy when I sing along!


Liz D said...

Good to remember essential hygiene,lol. But I bet many writers toil away in sweats and tee shirts. What, you re supposed to put on a skirt suit & heels? I don t think so...


Anonymous said...

It's funny. I worked for years as a tech writer working from home. My clients were back east so I had way too many 4 a.m. conference calls. When things were the toughest during projects, I got up and got dressed for the office.

It made me feel as though I was ready to do battle with the East Coast sharks. LOL.

Besides, I think your hair looks great.


Lisa Dooley Fisk said...

I promise to put down the flat iron and step away from the product display at the salon ... seems that sometimes the most creative writing is when everything about me is in on the backburner .. sadly, it doesn't clean the house!