Sunday, April 14, 2013

do you see what I see?

I see way too many shadows and a picture slightly out of focus.

The blooms are an indication that there has been enough water to support flowering and seeding for the next cycle.

The African Sumac (small weed like thing) indicates that it needs to be pulled before it becomes a total tree.

The spines on each of the cacti are all fishhooks, or play them on TV.  But if necessary, can be used as needles or pins (and were used that way, once).

Most importantly - I see spring!


Anonymous said...

Oh, so beautiful. I love the contrast between the prickly, tough looking cactus and the lovely, soft looking flower.

Thanks for the great pic.


Lisa Dooley Fisk said...

Glad you liked it! There is soft in every hard thing...that just sounds wrong. Just don't say that to your hubby, he might not understand.

Liz D said...

Wonderful photos, is that your yard!?

Anonymous said...

Hubby laughed. Nothing so much fun as a very self-confident man. LOL.


Lisa Dooley Fisk said...


I didn't see what you saw ... and I've pondered that picture more than once! Just like a man to find the 'obvious' ... so glad he is confident!