Sunday, April 28, 2013

the plot bunny hideth again ... dang it

Plot Bunny Hang Out
When I think of camouflage  I don't think desert.  

Sure it exists here.  

Mother Nature provides it everywhere ... when seen out of sequence, we don't always recognize something hiding in plain sight.

Inspiration, perspiration  perseverance  and sometimes plain staying still for a moment can make everything disappear and then the lesson is either learned or lost.  

The Plot Bunny went on walk about.  Then again, he does that if and when I do contest reading/judging.  I read several entries for the Daphne Contest - suspense category.  While most of them had won in the unpublished arena a couple of years ago and yes, they got contracts with 'real' publishing houses, none of them really lived up to the hype.

Besides, the important thing is contest reading scares the Plot Bunny.  He was hiding in plain sight.

I had to deliver something to a friend's house (complete with desert landscaping) and I saw him hiding by the cacti in the picture above.  The image isn't very clear, but he's there.


To re-rev the Bunny, I reworked some of the yarn I've unraveled.  Thus far I've done: one bonnet for a premature baby (not very pretty, but very soft), an oversized scarf (and now I know why I won't pay retail for rammie/cotton blend yard), and a doll blanket.  The next doll blanket will have double yarn - the needle being used is so fine I can scarcely see it shuttle in and out.

Project pictures pending.


Hey, do you think my Plot Bunny hides well enough to be the Easter Bunny?  I found some eggs near his hiding place.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're down to showing the plot bunny your best big, stew pot.

Seriously, take care of yourself.

I cleaned off one of my kitchen counters and feel as though I won a war today. (It was a -little- cluttered.)

Small victories every day...


Liz D said...

OMG THat bunny is tiny. The scale of the cactuses is soooo misleading.
Forget the plot, just write scenes! And perhaps quit reading contest entries?


Lisa Dooley Fisk said...


I have a huge stew pot - just am slow to ever trap the Plot Bunny ... we used to set traps for bunnies in my parents' yard when I was a kid ... they always got the carrot and we only ever caught air!

The only really lasting victories are the small ones ... I used to take pictures of rooms in my house when they were clean - and pretended that was how they always looked! 8-)

Lisa Dooley Fisk said...


I actually did give up contests ... then this year I got guilt emails about not enough judges ... next year I will have blinders on (and I'm not doing the next three contests I've been tagged to judge) ... I get too distracted and judgmental of me.

Glad you liked the bunny pic - he was itty tiny and still as a statue ... surprised he didn't leave when the camera came out!