Friday, May 24, 2013

Everything I ever needed in life, I learned from my dog(s).

Everything I ever needed in life, I learned from my dog. I'd like to think I already knew some of these things, but he was a great reminder.

Don't let someone else tell you what you want.  
(If you want to go to the picnic area, go.  
Someone might have some chicken to share)

Be careful in the sun.
(drink plenty of water and spend time in the shade)

Life is to short for someone to dress you funny. 
(Apologies to any dog I've put into a costume ... Sorry, G.)

Enjoy the little things in life
(and remember nothing is better than giving into pleasure once in a while).

Be a busy bee when you can, it could be your secret identity.

When in doubt, play the cute card.  It usually works.

Life goes by in a blur.
Enjoy what you can.
Complain sparingly.
Tell people you love them.
Share the blankets.

Life's short.
Don't hide your magnificence!

Remember, blonds don't go grey.
They become platinum!

You make a lasting impression, often when you don't intend to.

Celebrate everything. 
Definitely celebrate days that end in the letter Y.

Thunder RIP
The best Valentine's Day present ever.
The gift that kept giving.


Dee said...

So sorry, babe. But what a lovely tribute!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.



Lisa Dooley Fisk said...

Dee and Hunter,

Thanks for the kind words.

Wishing I were eloquent *sigh*