Monday, December 30, 2013

holiday letter 2013 - reboot

Every year, I write at least four drafts of the Christmas letter.

This strangeness usually starts in June.  Then come the revisions.

I take a lot of pride in doing one to two pages that says absolutely nothing other than life is going as it should and balderdash such as that.

The thing is, I seldom have anything I think is worth reading - in  a progress report kind of a way. 

I put things in first person because I tend to drag Fuzzy along with me - no matter what. So he is part of 'I'

I haven't saved a village from carpenter ants. 

I haven't become a lemonade stand tycoon and bolstered or destroyed a bunch of kids ideas about the business world.

My dogs can't read Braille not do they respond to commands in Pig Latin.  It is along the line of, "Look cute.  That's a good dog." And I hand over the sandwich I just made for myself.  Mind the other dog is rolling her eyes and hoping for something with less carbs and more protein.

I did get in touch with my inner home ec geek and I made oodles of pillow cases for foster care.

I did finally clean out the hall closet and can close it again, sadly half the contents are on the sofa in the living room.

This year, I blame my lack of letter writing speed on the home ec geek.  Instead of drafting, revising (read expounding and usually fibulating - just a tad), honing and starting over, nothing happened.  June came and my niece and I re-learned more than I had forgotten about sewing.  August came and went, and I was in a flurry of making Xmas ornaments for my beloveds.  October came, was full of car repairs, and went ... as flat as it came in.


E gads! 

I should have done it then ... except no one came in from out of town this year and I usually work on the letter to avoid washing all of those pots and pans.

Top it off with another truth - Thanksgiving was late.  So the retailers didn't get to me and nudge me.  The sounds of the jingle in front of the malls didn't get to me either, all gifts were hand crafted ... 

Now I am looking forward to New Years and know if I don't post this, and plenty soon enough, thank  you, it will be the holiday letter for 2014 or 2015.

Wishing you, yours, and those you want to be yours the very best of 2014!

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Liz D said...

Kudos! At least your letter is funny!

Other than pot & pan wash avoidance, you do not, however, say *why* you write this yearly letter. So--why? Do tell.

love and happy new year.