Monday, November 15, 2010

premature punctuation ...

Everyone fears doing something prematurely or far too late in the game.

Do I walk the dog before or after dinner?  If it is before dinner, how long after dinner before we have to go and bark at the neighbors again?

Men and sex.  Enough said and on all levels.

The muse. Do you write things down when they occur or do you hope that the inspiration will remain if you delay the satisfaction of writing even by a few minutes?

I killed my own NANO experience by waiting to scribble ideas down until the official date ... when I started to write, I had pre-mature punctuation and sentences that belonged to paragraphs that just existed in my head ...

I read some great advice about typing in a font that you can't easily/readily see on the screen - to prevent over editing of ideas ... I did it in the middle of the night. 

Shall we say that by doing it that way, no one but no one (not even the world's greatest typing teacher) could translate what I wrote.

It just made me, dog tired.

Trying again - well, next time I won't worry about premature punctuation.

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