Monday, November 29, 2010

NANO is over!!!

I have officially completed NANO and one day ahead of schedule, too!!!

What I got from this year's experience is that sometimes the muse just wants to run naked through the woods and smell the flowers ... and some days the muse wants to have someone put babyoil on his back while he soaks up the sun. 

Play with the muse.  Name him or her.  Don't be so critical of what you write, want to write, what amuses you, what intrigues you, and what pushes your buttons.

Learn from yourself and don't sweat the little stuff. 

This novel was a series of beginnings.  I love beginnings.  It sets the tone for everything that comes later (and for the things that get left unsaid). The putting the clean paper in the typewriter (yes, I am that old) and starting something ... to find out that something else wanted to be done/written.

Whew!  I'm going to do it again - maybe next time it will all about the middles!

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