Monday, January 31, 2011

Doing the Little Things ...

Zig Ziglar was required reading and listening once upon a time when I was in sales.  He was usually motivating, generally entertaining, and always had a little down-home wisdom scattered through his stories.

One of the things he was a champion of was doing a little bit to make a large impact or change.  In my 20s and 30s, the importance of that didn't really resonate with me.  Why should it?  I was still (more or less) immortal.

Unfortunately after reading an article in a women's magazine, I did the math.  If I do each of their 'Five Minute a Day" items, my day will need to be 27 hours and 8 minutes - this doesn't count working or sleeping.

But I think I'll do a little bit to change this year - it might just add up.

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Hunter said...

I'm doing the same thing. Little changes to move towards where I want to go. I'm fighting the feeling that I missed the first month of the year. I'm reminding myself that I was here. I was just doing things I hadn't planned on doing. ;-)

We're both going to have such an amazing year.