Thursday, January 20, 2011

Joe Vitale - Expect Miracles

Joe Vitale, known to most for his fame in The Secret, has been around for years doing what he does best - making sense of what blocks us most.

I recently listened to Expect Miracles (not cheating, it is an audiobook).  Anyway, he talked about the importance of gratitude. Frankly a lot of metaphysical gurus talk about that and just because it is a popular theme doesn't discount it's importance or relevance.

At one of his lowest points, he talked about being grateful for his pencil.  With his pencil he could write his ideas and with the attached eraser, he could amend them.  When he got truly intune with himself and his pencil, he realized just how much he really did have to be grateful for.

We all do.  It was important for me to see it again.

Thanks, Joe.


Hunter said...

Interesting, insightful post LIsa.

I stared at my blank journal today. I didn't think how fortunate I am to have a journal and a pen. No words came, but I know that I was still lucky to have the opportunity to write.

Sometimes it's so hard to see how important seemingly small things can be.

Wishing you a good night and a good day. Oh, and a sharp pencil.


Lisa said...


I now need to be grateful for the pencil sharpener and the eraser!

Aloha to you, too, babe!

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