Saturday, July 23, 2011

the new arrival ...

For years it has been my fondest hope/wish/dream (too strong maybe) to actually name a dog.  It may sound trite, but in my life, every dog has come to me prenamed ... disposition pretty well known ... and height determined (girth did sometimes change).

Today I got my wish.  A dog literally fell into my lap - ironic as she is a lap dog of sorts.

My sister has a way with animals and she has a way of getting the right dog to the right person.  She did it for me years ago and she did it again this morning.

Part pug and possibly part beagle, this sweet young thing came into my life.  Dearest, darling husband hadn't quite vetoed getting another dog; he didn't encourage it either.  He wanted Blondie Boy to enjoy his sunset years basking in the sun, sipping on fancy drinks with umbrellas, watching hula girls, and having humans peel him a grape when the whim struck.

I have found hubby holding her in his lap, snuggling with her while he was on the computer, and selecting just the right harness for her to use.  Walking on a leash is not her strong suit, yet, and it is a bit like walking a cat.  Right now we are all a little frustrated, but we'll figure it out.

Now the boy has someone who is young, female, playful, tiny, and incredibly leggy. 

As the old man is oft called Blondie due to his coloring, we settled on Goldie for her.  We also decided she could be considered gorgeous, glamorous, gracious, graceful, etc.  So for now, she is GG (or Gigi) to combine the best of any at the moment.

This is the first of the baby pictures.  I'm sure there will be countless others.


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful. Such a sweet face! May you all have many happy years together!(sipping umbrella drinks and watching hula girls.)



Hunter said...

What a sweet baby. She has the sweetest eyes. As I wrote you in my email, she's going to be so happy in her new forever home. What a lucky pup she is.