Monday, July 18, 2011

29 days of giving... day 29 - the gift of the muse

The internet is an amazing place.  You can meet and converse with people from all walks of life in any corner of the world.  It can be easy to find commonality.  Communities can form over small but significant things.  (I am sure there is a community of soda fountain fans out there somewhere, but I'm not sure when I'll go looking for them.)

I began this project with less than a sincere heart.  I knew I needed to change several things in my life, self absorption the least of my sins.

Challenges, obstacles, bumps in the road exist for us all.

This current 29 day cycle made me realize it isn't the challenge that is important, it is the attitude with which they are faced.  Not saying I am a warrior of any kind, but that sometimes a smile or a wave can do wonders.  Looking for the good can truly change everything - even if you are the one who has to go on the journey.

I have several fabulous internet friends, and they all know who they are, who are very supportive of my writing.  They are also supportive of my storytelling (this skill my grandmother wished I had not honed - I told incredible whoppers). But it is all a journey and you never know what you will find when you embark.

Inspiration is everywhere and so are plot bunnies.  For me it has been a matter of actually wearing my glasses and ensuring the lenses have been clean and not overly scratched.

The muse doesn't really sleep.  At least mine doesn't.  He has grown complacent, sullen and lazy.  He likes to be front and center with all of the accolades and none of the criticism.  (Yes the typos and punctuation errors are all mine, and he points that out on a regular basis.)

In addition to changing my outlook, this project has forced Raul (the muse) out of his slumber.  Made him realize there is more than one type of story to write.  More than one place to look for inspiration.

Will I do this again?


Will I blog about it again?

Probably not ... we'll see.

Hey, now that I've done something for 29 days, maybe, just maybe, I can follow one of those 90 days to a better life program.  Or, I could just have liposuction from the nose down and be done with it.

I guess the keys to my outlook are all up to me.

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