Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Power writing ...the NaNo Experience

So, I decided to let the muse write, wander, ramble, and amuse itself (herself?).

NaNo is kind of like going to an all you can eat pasta bar.  It is all about the pasta and not the sauce ... sauce comes in December when the editing happens (or the whole thing gets scrapped).

So, very late in the game I decided quantity was better than quality.

Write and keep writing - maybe 20% will be usable in something else.  Maybe not.

The words are typed, submitted, tallied and just squeaked by the total necessary.

Next year, I'll plot and I won't pants.  Next year I'll have an outline.  Next year I'll get more in the spirit of the thing and cheer on other authors.

Now I think I'll go walk the dog.

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Anonymous said...

Taht Is Fantastic! I don t know how you did it, computer crashes and all. Truly a huge accomplishment!