Thursday, November 24, 2011

things to be thankful for

Every year between Halloween and Thanksgiving, the goal is to make a list of at least one-thousand, yes 1,000, things I'm grateful for.  No, I don't do it all in one sitting.  It would be too much like eating an elephant in one afternoon.  I like smallish elephants and smaller goals so I shoot for 50 to 100 per day until I'm done.

The more things I write down, and small works for this project, the more things I am grateful for.

American Express has a project once a year about shopping locally.  So I do local gratitude.  Little stuff like getting a great parking spot (and if I don't, that I'll get a great little walk on my way tot he store).  The more little stuff I'm grateful for, the more big stuff I seem to have that I am grateful for.

Consider yourself one of the big things I'm grateful for.  Because I do.  Really.

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