Wednesday, April 25, 2012

draw a bird day ... an artist and her friend

I appreciate art in all of its forms ... I am not, by any stretch of anyone's imagination, an artist.  Nor do I play one on TV (or the internet).
a real bird!

Robin's Robin!

I do have a friend who is far more talented than I and she sent me her bird from draw a bird day.

attempt 2
attempt 1


lizzy said...

I love your birds, they re wonderful. Quirky and lively...capturing a personality, even of a bird..with just a few lines, or words, isn't easy. *Never* underestimate yourself!

PS Draw a Bird Day [to me] was/is about celebrating the tiny gestures of love we give or are given...not about artistic perfection. That said, I am so grateful you re my friend!


Lisa Dooley Fisk said...

I'm glad you liked the birds ... and they really are mine - my nieces have much more talent than I.

I am very, very glad you are my friend!

Thanks for all of the support.

Anonymous said...

I love the blue bird. The lines are so graceful.

Hope all is well with you.

You've inspired me to add little sketches to my writing blips. No one will know what they are but me, but sometimes that's just enough.



Lisa Dooley Fisk said...


Lizzy is far more artistic than I, but I at least was willing to put it out there .. sort of.

Hoping you do a few more writing doodles and illustrate for the rest of us!