Friday, April 27, 2012

Strange Love ... maybe

Raul, he's in charge by the way, decided that not only did he want a steady of the NNNM (nearly naked and naughty men) but he wanted names, dates, and places.

Unfortunately for him, I have been haunted by old family photographs.  And I do mean OLD.  Think 1920s to 1940s ... small town, big Catholic family, and lots of people with unusual names.

Specifically the last name of Strange.

True enough.

I don't know which of my great aunts married a Strange, but one did and she had multiple children. (It could have been Agnes or Gertrude, I'm fuzzy on which one it was.)  I don't recall ever having met the aunts or those cousins, though I am sure that we were inflicted on them at one time.

The point?

More to the point, do I have a point?

Raul is HAPPY!  Very, very happy and he is insisting that writing commence - he'd prefer the pitter patter of fingers on the keyboard, but he says more when it is long hand.

Take a woman, put her in an unusual job, give her the strange last name, and see what happens.  Especially if she were proud of the last name and it was part of the name of the business.

Add someone who is Manny-esque ... insert a fear of commitment (been there and done that), a pair of dogs who don't belong together ... shake (or stir) and see what comes out.

Why am I so happy to be related to a family of Stranges?

It feeds the muse and the imagination.

PLUS everyone talks a lot about a platform and a tagline.

A family of Stranges does lend itself (themselves?) to all kinds of tagline possibilities.

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