Tuesday, May 8, 2012

adventures in distance learning ...

the would be horrified granny
Distance learning (remember correspondence courses) have never appealed to me.  I lack the discipline and motivation unless there is a reason to physically GO somewhere to LEARN something.  (Yes, I know the rest of the world does advanced degrees online ... webinars have replaced training programs at some companies ... Skype is replacing face to face contact and family meetings.)

I am OLD SCHOOL (and wouldn't my granny be horrified?).

If I am skipping school, I want to be doing something adventuresome - not the laundry.  I want to do something DIFFERENT.

So, instead of actually writing the novel I have drafted (and yes, Tinkerbell, it is drafted), I signed up for an online hypnotherapy class.

I wanted to see if I would actually have the discipline to do what the rest of the world does to advance their own minds.  I also wanted to see if what I have had done to me, I can do to others (yes, I have a thing for going deeper and deeper down, so to speak).  Besides, the price was right (free).

So, there are a lot of parenthesis.  So what? The syntax, grammar, spelling, punctuation fairies are taking the night off.


lizzy said...

So---wait! Did you learn to hypnotize people? Online. How does that work, anyway?

Or did you do laundry?

Lisa Dooley Fisk said...

There are seven lessons and you have to find your own victim, I mean client, yourself to practice ... they do make practice groups available, but there is no one here right now going through the course.

Did I do the laundry? Babe, I feel like I am forever doing laundry!