Sunday, September 9, 2012

the tick free zone

Supposedly people come to look like the dogs who own them, develop their exercise habits, and even (some) of their dietary foibles.

What I do know with certainty is this:

Neither of my dogs truly loves the rain ... neither do I.

The Old Man likes peanut butter spread over his animal crackers (so he can get his meds) ... he is right, they do taste better that way.

Toys are meant for sharing ... especially stuffed animals.

Finally, a good shampoo (at least once a month) can elevate your mood.

It can also change things about you.

Why do I say that?


Since painting began in the bathroom, the shower has been full of buckets of paint (three colors, no waiting, and since it is raining lately - no drying either).  

In the middle of a hot night, I decided to take a shower in the only available place - the dogs' bathroom.  Yes, it really is theirs, also guests, but they bathe more often than guests stay.

In the dark, all shampoo bottles look the same ... there is no point in turning on the light for a three minute shower and rinse of the hair, is there?

The lather was decent.  The fragrance was vaguely familiar.  The tangles came out of my hair immediately. 

Turns out that I am now a flea and tick free zone.  (Look Ma, no hands!)  I should have turned on the lights ... then again, I should have put their shampoo away after their monthly baths.

What have I learned?

Not much.

I do have a craving for beef jerky.

Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Aloha, Lisa.

I missed you.

I'm considering pet shampoo since I'm having a tough time getting tangles out of my hair. It's waist length and our water heater is broken. LOL.


lizzy said...

Can't hurt...might help. Seems to meee Blodie's ahir is just gorgeous!
Hunter..Aveda's detanler works pretty good..and Pantene's deep conditioners too...leave in 5 min. Also don t rub your hair into
snarls when shampooing, just work the product down down. I had waistlength hair once upon a time

Lisa Dooley Fisk said...

Hunter and Lizzy ...

Turns out that not only am I tick free, and tangle free (short locks on me), I can't drop the craving for jerky!

When I had my hair trimmed the other day, the stylist thought it would be cute to make it look all mussed and piecy (is that a word) ... my bedhead lasts longer and looks cuter ... yeesh!

I found a spare bottle of samples from a friend when he goes to Europe (he leaves his samples with me - generous, no?). Now I just need to look for the smallest bottle in the tub! (the dogs' stuff does smell better though)