Thursday, September 13, 2012

voices in my head - the real Prince Charming(s)

I have never liked to sleep alone, probably because my sister and I shared the same bedroom forever - then there was the whole college/roommate thing. So when I was old enough to live by myself, I didn't much like the quiet in my bedroom.  I had fans to make white noise, a white noise machine, even a dachshund who snored, drooled, and took up most of a queen sized bed all by his lonesome.

The search for company while remaining commitment free began a long stream of (predominately) men talking me to sleep.  Think Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Garrison Keillor.  Once I learned the story (or the radio program), I could well sleep to it.  There is something about the old radio broadcasts that warms my heart and plays well to my imagination.

Fuzzy and I have worn through several tapes (yes, tapes,  I still own a tape player that works) and have gone to sleep with various stories throughout the years. It only took him two years to get used to it, but now these things go with us on trips out of town.

Sadly, his snoring got worse and he had a rotating sleep schedule and I can't beat him to dreamland.  Therefore, I started to sleep to things on the MP3 player.  The variety of books and old radio shows that are available from the library is AMAZING!  I could actually sleep with a different man talking into my ear every night.  Unfortunately, the ones that are repetitive are best because I don't stay awake to hear the rest of the story (remember Paul Harvey?  never mind).

What is my point?  Do I have one?


I am in love with Christopher Healy's book:  The Hero's Guide Saving Your Kingdom.  It is a twist on the Princes Charming in all those fairy tales.  It turns out that there were four of them and not just one.  Also, the writing is smart, creative, enchanting, and freaking awesome.  (Bronson Pinchot does the narration for the audiobook and is himself outstanding ...)

Before you decide to be a naysayer and determine that a 'kids' book' just could never be for you, buy, rent, or borrow this, and read it aloud to your goldfish if that helps your guilt about laughing out loud.

my personal Prince Charming
I have it on very good authority he is wrong about that.  Prince Charming (see image of gorgeous canine) may not have had ballads written about him, but he had all of the heroic traits the others just wished for.  I don't think being canine should be a disqualification in the Price Charming contest, but that's just me.

Now, I'll wait for the milkman and the sandman (they are on the same route and rideshare to save on gas) to take me to dreamland.

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