Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Etsy about time ... I'm going to the beach!

Every little girl grows up wanting to be a princess, almost.  Now with paparazzi and social media, few of us would realistically want that dream.  For me, I wanted to be the fairy godmother who made the jewels and provided the gowns the princess wore.  Think BIG rhinestones.  Think BIG sparkle.  Think OVER THE TOP on all of it.  

My princesses weren't going to be wallflowers, unless the wall were going to glow and cast a brilliant light!

I am still waiting to become a fairy godmother - the training  program has never happened and I have looked.  Repeatedly.

I have made a little jewelry, but not HUGE or OVER THE TOP or even so BRIGHT that you  need sunglasses to be next to it.  Some dreams take a little longer to fulfill than others... the fairy godmother thing is on hold until further notice.

I did taper my dreams of jewelry making, brought things closer to reality, and did some wire wrapping.  Not elaborate or exotic, just wearable, lightweight stuff. Mostly for me, sometimes for family.  Never for public consumption.  Until now.

Robin's Christmas Ornament
repurposed items, all
My friend, Robin, has been a great supporter of all things creative I've attempted. She likes my writing and my sense of humor.  This summer, I mailed her a necklace so she could really 'see' how I disengage my brain with copper wire, pliers, and a few beads; she mailed me the most interesting necklace I've ever owned (a vintage locket, key, and crystal - the key to someone's heart, to be worn near the heart?).

She writes, sews, repurposes things, and actually lives at the beach back east - hence the name of her blog: Gone to the Beach.  Her Etsy Site (also Gone to the Beach) emphasizes repurposed vintage pieces, found items, one of a kind items, and for a limited time, a few copper pieces by yours truly.

60" copper chain
the eyes have it!
Take a look and see how delicate a chain can be made with a little copper, some beads, and time, or protect yourself with a pair of evil eye earrings.  I dare you!


Anonymous said...

Oooh, pretty!-T

Lisa Dooley Fisk said...


Need some good luck? I can get you hooked up? Necklaces available upon request!


Anonymous said...

I love the copper and 'jewels' chain! You are much better at wire-wrapping than I am. The evil-eye earrings are scary - my friend Susan would probably love them, I'll have to show her!

lizzy said...

So cool! And fun to have you here at the beach, babe!



Lisa Dooley Fisk said...

I love going to Robin's beach - no need for sunscreen!!!!!

thanks again for letting me out to play in your sandbox!


Karen said...

Love this blog. I finally figured out how to subscribe. So, now, I won't miss your posts. YAY!

Lisa Dooley Fisk said...


Blogs are very hit and miss ... I miss more than I hit.

Hoping to entertain, at least a little!


Lisa Dooley Fisk said...


I'm sure you're better at it than you think ... remember, size matters and in this case, smaller is better!