Sunday, October 7, 2012

in praise of the natural look ...

I am one of the first to admit that I like a man who has ripples (and not in the "I've had too many cookies" kind of a way).  I also like a man who is somewhat smooth. But there is only so much messing with Mother Nature that should be done.  Hey, this is an election year and this is the only opinion I am willing to publish, anywhere.

I do think that manscaping has gone a bit far ... 

Sure a pretty man, or men, who is all hairless and oiled up is fun to look at, but at some point, there is competition for the bathroom and the mirror. And exactly how much time do they need to spend at the gym?

Young men and boys are now inflicted with body image issues that were strictly female terrain for decades.  Not that it is healthy for either side, but until the last decade, I always felt they were dealt a better hand than we were.  Now they are just as obsessed and infected as we have been.  

Is this really fair to the young men who are coming of age now?

What about a little bit of healthy body image for males as they grow?

I love the shirt on the little one ... it is realistic (all boys/men need extra-tshirts), it is attainable (probably from a website near you), and maintainable (easy on the bleach and hot irons).


lizzy said...

Two bathrooms and two gym memberships could solve it all and your man could be all shiny and perfect without being a bother to you?


For me a guy can spend as much time preening and primping in front of the mirror as he s not like I want to actually *talk* to him, ya know?


Lisa Dooley Fisk said...

Well, since you don't 'talk' to them ... do you have lots of hot and sweaty chores for them to do? shirtless? can I watch the videos?