Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hitting the bottle. Who is the alpha?

Blondie Boy getting curbside service
There is no discounting the importance of drinking when exercising.  It is something we all learn as kids, that's why they had water fountains all over the school (at least where I went).

It is as true for Blondie as it is for the G.  Except the public fountains for dogs don't have better than lukewarm water and the Boy likes his somewhat chilled and always from the bottle.

Not that the Diva and the Boy are spoiled, the water is filtered (I reuse bottles - save the planet, yay!), chilled, and presented when they start to huff and puff.

At least that was true this summer.

Now that BB (Blondie Boy) is aging, he huffs and puffs just thinking about the park.  To encourage him to drink, his house water is now chilled.  Yes, I provide icewater to the boy after his walk.
Even Dog Park Divas deserve special treatment.  Right?

Who is the alpha again?


If you have to ask, it isn't you.

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