Thursday, February 7, 2013

apples + brown paper bag = amazing

I have a lot of guilty pleasures ... one of them is old church or community cookbooks.  The contributors, usually women, provided their best recipes for these fund raising books.  The older the books, the better I like them, less store bought ingredients and the more interesting things can be.  Recently at a  thrift store, I found one from a Methodist church - circa 1961.  Some time later I'll post their favorite bits about the size hat you should wear depending on the frame of your body, and how long  your gloves should be ...

The recipe I found was between some sticky pages, always a good sign, and was from a newspaper.  The name and date of the paper are missing, but the recipe is AWESOME!  (Yes, jumping up and down and using too many exclamation points - that excited!)

My idea of apple pie is something that is too sweet, too complicated, and has a lattice cover.  Since I have never made a pie dough, the thought of that was beyond me and my ambitions.  

This recipe spends no time on the dough (hence I got help from the lovely people at Pillsbury) and is all about the apples.


And the brown paper bag. 

A little sugar, flour, nutmeg, lemon juice, and a store bought crust and you can make HEAVEN on earth.

I followed the directions - almost.  Forgot about the bag.  Should have either turned down the oven a bit or shortened the cooking time.

The result was truly perfect.  And I even did it with Splenda.

The question about a recipe is always, would you do it again?

Heck yeah, I would.  I'd even branch out into other fruits and use the same technique.


Liz D said...

This is so fun! I even have a pie crust in the freezer...but sadly no apples here or brown bags. It would have been so yummy for the looming snowday.

maybe I can get some apples quick?

PS So looking forward to the size info & glove heights,lol. Cool. Thx.



Lisa Dooley Fisk said...


If it were cheap enough to ship them, I'd send a bushel of them your way ... maybe next fall?

This looks like it will work with peaches for the summer.

I am going to scan more of the MIL's recipes - let me know if you have a hankering for anything.


Anonymous said...

What kind of apples did you use in your pie? I have apples but no crust...and my brown bags get reused for recycling so I wouldn't want them near food! I'd have to get a new one... I wonder what the bag does? Keep in moisture, keep the topping from browning too quickly? I wonder if it would work to put the top of my roaster pan over the cookie sheet - sideways, so there'd be a little air space? Ideas?

Something must have changed, I was getting e-mails when you updated your blog but now I'm not. :(


Anonymous said...

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