Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the more things change?

I have always had a soft spot for vintage things.  Probably because everything my grandmothers owned was vintage, though not vintage when acquired.  When I played in their homes, I was able to set my mind to the way back machine.

The Mary Circle of Woman's Society of Christian Service Methodist Cookbook is my current favorite vintage thing.  It is the cookbook from whence the 'famous' apple pie recipe came.  It is also the handy home of helpful hints for modern women.  


Modern 1961 women.

You get the idea.

As I am stout, I was pleased to see that there are hints for me to dress. (And there are some nifty looking relish recipes that go with...maybe it is so I can work on reducing my form?)

When I tried to crop the picture, it looked even more awkward ...



Liz D said...

I just love the fashion tips! I am tall so I am relieved that my flat hair and low heels are okay. And..maybe some corn relish? Yum.

Your Windows photo thing probably has a starighten photo choice....

PS love the background of the blog, that must be my photo somehow used in multiples, it looks so cool.

Lisa Dooley Fisk said...

I'll post some of the other hints soon, promise ... but short and stout is and has always been me ... a 'tall' man on my mom's side is anything over 5'6" ... so 5'3" was on par, sadly ... my nieces had much taller fathers - so neither of them will have to worry that capri pants are actually just right for regular length!

and yep - your picture! you take the best pics!