Sunday, March 31, 2013

Alibaba has many caves

Growing up, I loved the idea of visiting Alibaba's cave.  Everything was available and easily located.  Everything from the humdrum every day to the most extraordinary treasure was just behind the wall.
ok - so not a cave - but in the rocks is a castle of sorts
and it was the best fun when we were kids

I had no idea I married a man who wanted to live in said cave.

I mean, if  you ask me I seem to have it - whatever it is - and probably more than one.

For a long time, I felt like I was alone.

I had the joy (and I am serious, it was joy) to work at an estate sale the past two days. Normally, the more you sell, the worse the items.  This was the reverse. T'was Alibaba's house.  The more we sold, the better the items!

I do enjoy a good sale, but think it is even more fun to help other people find the one thing they can't live without that they never knew they needed.  

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