Friday, March 22, 2013

Caray, Caray!

There is nothing quite so satisfying as a telenovela.

They have so many advantages over American soap operas. For one thing, they are still being produced, they have an actual story line, and there is a great site called Caray Caray! They have a bunch of volunteers who, on prescribed days, breakdown each episode of various Spanish language soaps.

It is a great way to (re)build Spanish vocabulary.  

It is also a great way to catch up if you missed a night, or several.  It is also a great way to figure out what you missed if you aren't perfectly fluent in Spanish.

Long ago and far away, I watched telenovelas with my best friend's granny. We would crochet doilies, discuss who the handsome rich men were, who the poor little girl was, and just how the evil woman would be punished.

About once a year, I find one and watch. Usually it is based on plot.  Sometimes it is just the time slot.

Fernando Colunga is at another good reason to watch.  He's been around about 20 years and he gets better with age.

He's in a new, to me, soap.  Porque el Amor Manda.

I'll be keeping up, via recaps.  Maybe he'll be inspiring?


Hunter said...

"Sin tetas no hay paraíso." I cried when El Duque died and when Cata died.

(And Robin wonders why I only like HEA.) LOL.

Es la verdad. Las historias están mejor escritos y los hombres son muy guapos.

I'm still stuck on Miguel Silvestre.

We now have four other people who speak Spanish. One lived in Costa Rica; One lived in Spain; One is Boriqua; One is from Nicaragua; then there is my barrio Spanish from the Central Valley of California.

We've had some interesting conversations. LOL.

Take care and I hope this finds you well.


Lisa Dooley Fisk said...

Hola, muchachita!

Gabriel Soto is another one to look at - I don't love his (over) acting, but he has a body to dream about!

Must find pictures of Miguel Silvestre!

(who learned most of her Spanish in bars in Tijuana trying to get a better buy on drinks ... and watching telenovelas with a friend's abuela ... but my accent is very posh for an American)

Hunter said...

I was encouraged to continue learning Spanish when we moved and I became one of the few very white girls with green eyes in the barrio.

I'll go look up Gabriel Soto. Youtube is great, yes?

Here's a link to Miguel:


Lisa Dooley Fisk said...

I went to college in San Diego ... there was no escaping Spanish ... I learned more with friends than I ever learned in classes. (I was the whitest girl with blue eyes in the bar, face round as the moon - so bright it glowed.)

Youtube is amazing and very educational!

Hunter said...

Yep, wouldn't kick Gabriel out of my kitchen either.

I was supposed to go to San Diego State. Took one look and went home. Went to Fresno State instead. (And took a lot of ribbing for choosing Fresno over San Diego.)

Met my Dear One there in an 8 o'clock business class. That explained it. LOL.