Saturday, March 23, 2013

end of childhood

There are a lot of things that mark the end of childhood. 

  • No more baby teeth (OK, reaching here)
  • Moving away from the nest.
  • The first serious relationship.
  • Heartbreak.
  • Getting/losing the job of one's dreams.
  • Death of a loved one.

There are parts of my childhood I have held onto without realizing it.  My family used to visit relatives every other summer forever.  The whole drill included grandparents, favorite aunts and uncles, and a parade of cousins (Irish Catholic here people, there are a lot of cousins).

Today, one of the favorite uncles passed.  His health had been faltering for years and this was not unexpected.

My uncle, his wife, and family accepted us unconditionally, allowed us into games/recreation, and shared dreams and values. His children were our closest cousins, the ones who meant the most.  Still do, though we are not in touch nor so close as we once were.

JL modeled community involvement, career development, salesmanship, and humor.

You will be much missed.

Prayers and love go out to your children and grandchildren.

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