Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Babe, you're crimping my style!

I love Satan, I really do.  


Puppies are a lot like toddlers: 1) a lot of energy, 2) learn about the world via taste, 3) survival is based on cuteness and cuteness alone (some days).

Satan hasn't had enough to do lately with dust and rainstorms, she has been bored and had a surplus of energy.

Yesterday, I made some bracelets for resale and thought I'd put my wares away so they weren't a temptation.

This morning, I discovered she had not only stolen a vial of earring wires but chewed open a vial of crimp beads that are necessary to complete the work!

There she was, sitting on top of several dollars worth of beads looking fat and sassy.  After applying strapping tape to my hand, I got up the lion's share.  All day, however, I have found a silver bead here and another one there ... all stuck to her rump.

It would have made a great dog shaming photo, but I just don't have the heart to do it.  As for when it happened, well no camera available at 5:15 AM.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh.

Good thing you love her.

I had a cat a million years ago that ran with one of my pearl earrings. (An expensive thing at that time of my life...and a gift on top of it.)

I searched on hands and knees plowing through gold, brown and orange shag carpet. (Hey, I told you it was in a previous life.)

The pearl was never seen again.

Good thing we love them.

Oh, I love the jewelry. Very, very pretty even without the crimp beads.


Liz D said...

When Killer the Pug was a baby he ate my antique diamond earrings. I realised too late...they were gone. But I loved him anyway...

Lisa Dooley Fisk said...

I haven't lost 'real' jewelry to Satan yet - just the inexpensive findings and some plastic beads ... I have lost 3 pairs of shoes, half my undies, and two bras ...

I think we love our animals despite ourselves (and themselves) ... probably a good thing!

I hear the squeak of doom coming down the hall ... must close the door and hide!