Saturday, April 6, 2013

Satan and the Farmer's Market ...

Years ago, someone told me that pets that have more than one name are much loved.  Following this hypothesis to its natural conclusion, all of the pets in my life are incredibly loved.  This includes the puppy we call Satan, not her real name.  

How did she come to be called Satan? First, my grandfather's favorite phrase was, "The devil take it."  Second, my nephew and niece live in the south and called satin (the fabric) Satan due to the accents in the region - do it right and they do sound very similar.

I digress. But when don't I?

Every Saturday, I go to a farmer's type market where the food stuffs that aren't going to make it all the way to the chain stores goes and buy at a discount.  The market meets in multiple locations around the county; this week a friend and I went to a church location.  

"...and I said, 'Satan, get behind me.' Then I was able to see if it was safe to-" I said to my friend as I looked over the red bell peppers.  

Later she asked, "Do you have much trouble with Satan? Have you adjusted to the changes in your life?" 

As we got to what appeared to be limitless roma tomatoes, the man behind the table asked, "Just how have you conquered Satan in your life?"

I shouldn't have told him the truth, but I did.  "Usually by redirecting her to something she wants to destroy like a new stuffed animal or offering her food."

Fill in the first two parts of a Master Card commercial here because his face was priceless when i said, "The puppy's name is Satan."

Who knew a gentleman in his early 70s was so interested in giving us the bum's rush?

"Satan, indeed, gets all the blame," my friend said.

Indeed she does.

Satan, the destroyer


Liz D said...

good story

Lisa Dooley Fisk said...


I wish it were just a story - it is (more or less) what happened this morning ... and S. got her own red bell pepper to celebrate her staring role!


Anonymous said...


Too funny.

Our second lab was an amazing destructomatic machine.

Good thing they are so loved.

Keep writing. You're doing great.


Lisa Dooley Fisk said...

We don't need a vacuum - put something on the floor and say 'no Satan' and she'll hoover it right up!

Thanks for all the encouragement!