Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bad Experience Sometimes Improves Judgment

When my father told me the only way I'd ever really learn, remember, AND understand anything was to figure it out on my own.  Then he told me judgment improves after bad experiences.

This had very little practical to do with playing dodgeball on the playground as a kid.  I never did get better at dodging the ball.  I did get better at becoming invisible so someone else might, maybe, per chance, get hit first.  My poor judgment never did improve the bruises on my legs and chest.

Maybe it is because my father was very private about anniversaries, that I tend to hold certain dates close to my heart.  Today marks the sixth year that he passed.

Things he told me that I will always remember:

1.  Write letters when you are angry.  

  • The more angry you are, the more specific and scathing you should be.
  • When done, put the paper in the envelope.  Seal it.  Place in the back of the desk drawer for three to five days to season.  At the end of the proscribed time, re-read the letter.  If it still rings true, mail it.  If not, shred and begin again.

2.  Don't chew gum during job interviews.  

  • Enough said.

3.  Make your bed in the morning, it makes the room feel welcoming when you come home.

4.  Clean as you cook.

  • Nice theory, but seldom applied.

5.  Respect everyone.

6.  Hold on to at least one pair of old glasses. 

  • You never know when you might break the ones you are wearing.

7.  Never audit a class. 

  •  You don't learn as much because there is no consequence to not doing the work or keeping up with the material.
8.  The older you get, the smarter the previous generation was.

9.  You always get something new out of re-reading good literature, even if it just a nuance.

So, Dad, just wanted you to know that I listened.  I didn't necessarily obey.  But I did listen.  

And, thanks for everything.

Love from the second string.


Anonymous said...

Very wise words.

It's funny the lessons we carry from our parents.

Mine were much different than yours.

Take care and I'm thinking of you.


Lisa Dooley Fisk said...

Hoping your lessons were ok and sustaining ... I dwell on the positive lessons... I sleep better that way!