Wednesday, April 17, 2013


With my hand on my heart and my tongue in my cheek, I do solemnly swear that I am becoming a yarn snob.  As a kid, I just wanted enough yarn of the same weight to crochet afghans for my brother.  They were virtually all the same: big beige blobs with holes for his toes.  He loved them even though he was never warm in them.

Having taken advice of my friends, I have gone to my favorite thrift store and procured a couple of sweaters of soft yarn ... as an alternative to buying yarn in a skein.

It has been a mixed blessing.  I have so far wasted fifty cents (yep, that is $0.50) on two (count 'em two - one, two) sweaters.  Both are Land's End and one hundred percent (yay!) cotton.  

Actually, one of the sweaters is now three balls of yarn. The other sweater is in pieces in my den.

I had no idea it was so hard to unravel a sweater and get a decent amount of yarn off.

These will be turned into baby caps for the hospital (crochet in one night) ... I am going in search of my old patterns - the ones I used to look at and lust over - and see if there isn't something easy to knit.

I DID find a local mentor.  Every Saturday morning at her church she has her own group of women.  It is a drop in thing.  Soon, I will attend with a book in one hand, a huge bag of needles, more needles, and yet more needles, and some yarn, and a song in my heart.

Unraveled never felt so good.

(pictures pending on the yarn ... forgot about it when I started my project)

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Anonymous said...

I'm making dishcloths because I'm having knitting withdrawals.

I about fainted when I saw how much "cheap" cotton yarn costs at Walmart.

Fifty cents? I should head over and try to get dishcloth yarn.

Take care and I hope you're having a great day.