Thursday, December 19, 2013

castles in the air? nope, in the middle of the desert

 There is another ''famous" desert castle in the city limits of Phoenix, the Mystery Castle.

The story behind the dwelling is much better told on the website than I could ever do, be that as it may, it is fascinating.

Most of the materials were scavenged, salvaged, or recycled.  

Built with no plans.  Take ambition, an artistic eye, determination, and a very limited budget and this is what you get.

 A labor of love from a father for his daughter.  Castles at the beach can wash away, those built of stone and cement last a little longer.
So he kept his nose to the grind stone(s)

A great way to recycle the rims from his car

In winter, there needs to be a way to get and stay warm
A different meaning to going to the chapel!
No castle is complete without a knight!


Liz D said...

such creative vision...a sandcastle. Only real. Lovely.


Lisa Dooley Fisk said...

so glad you liked it!