Wednesday, December 18, 2013

first draft of the Christmas letter

This is awkward.

It is mid December and I not only haven’t sent my Christmas cards, I haven’t written the annual Christmas letter.

Normally said letter is drafted by October 1. (OK, so sometimes it is as early as July, but not normally.)


I do this early each year!

Why so early?

I procrastinate by my very nature. I figure if I start early, I will get letters printed and mailed early, too. It doesn’t always work, but it is a good idea.

Does it ever resemble the final draft?

Usually not. The point is, you can’t edit a blank page.  Even if I just type Albert Einstein over and over again, it is something to change.  And on the odd occasion, sometimes AE’s name still shows up in the final draft. 

Does anyone ever read them?

No idea.  I do try to keep them to one page to keep the boredom factor down …

Is it worth it?

Maybe.  It does ensure I write at least one piece of fiction every year!


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Liz D said...

hahaha! no excuses, girl. I *told* you what to do: list six good things in life from 2013. Expand a little. Add a doggy photo. Print, ship, or email. done.