Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm addicted to new authors ... DD Scott

I'm a sucker for new authors.  Well, actually, any authors.  I think it takes a tremendous amount of courage to submit your ideas (dreams, ideals, aspiration, blah-blah-blah) to the world at large and let them not only read it but review and comment on it.

Some day, soon I hope, I will be doing the same.  Until my courage and skills have been better honed, I stand by the sidelines cheering for those who have valiantly gone (and go) before me.

My new find?  DD Scott.  She is a novelist from the Midwest who likes cowboys, the finer things in life, Sex in the City, and romance.

I had the chance to read her new novel:  Stompin' on Stetsons.

The upshot is how do you handle your ex (whom you've made successful) while thinking about the hunky guy next door and his ex?  Especially when his ex doesn't really want to be the ex - and when yours wants you to make him and his business successful.  This is the quagmire Jules and Cody find themselves in.

The cast of supporting characters really are, to me, the best part.  The aunt who is a sex therapist who can't keep her views to herself.  The mother and grandmother who want to support their boy and don't want to over-reach good manners.  The friends who know all and want to advise on more.

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