Wednesday, December 15, 2010

in the dog house in time for Christmas

In the 70s/80s there was a comedian who went by Gallagher ... lots of specials on HBO (when that was the new and hip thing to do).

What's the point?

He did a thing about cats ... 'Cats can't read but they can COMPARE'. 

Evidently dogs do, too. And they train us to see the world from their point of view.

The longer the blond owns me, the more he's trained me to do. 

At one point, the big trick was to rub his belly and give him a little kibble on bed in the morning.

Then it became a dog biscuit in the morning.

Since he's 'old', he's got some aches and pains. Don't we all?  Except that he can't get to the medicine cabinet on his own.

That's evidently my job.

If I forget to give him peanut butter and cracker with aspirin and other pain killers, I hear about it.  Except that he never barks or makes a noise.  He goes from where the meds are kept to kitchen until he gets my attention ... yesterday it wasn't until it was almost bedtime before I realized my transgression.

If the dog were in charge of Santa's Naughty List, I'd be on it in spades. 

I wonder what the next trick is going to be and just how long it will take me to learn it. Until then, I'll be spending more time in the dog house.

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