Thursday, December 30, 2010

the love hate relationship ...

I love my computer ... really. I am also in mourning for it ... the operating system has died and the lovely people at HP don't know quite what to do with it/me.

I just had no idea it was like a co-dependent relationship (and not necessarily a good one).
How addictive it could be.
How I would feel when I wasn't in constant contact with it.
How much I took it for granted.  

The things I assumed it would do for me.
Automatically remind me of appointments/birthdays/holidays
Keep me organized
Be there for me in the middle of the night.

I am waiting by the phone/mailbox (you get the idea) for replacement disks to replace the 'restore' discs that I made which do not work.

If they don't work - the next level decision will have to be made ... do I put it and me out of 'our' misery or do I force it to love me and recover another way?


Anonymous said...

Crap and double crap.

Just got up so can't think of anything better to say. Just crap and I'm sending you good computer vibes.


Lisa said...

Thanks, doll! Right back at you!