Sunday, June 26, 2011

29 days of giving challenge - chinese food ... day 9

Fuzzy has never really grown up, and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

He still has the joy and imagination of a kid when it comes to all things Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

This summer was made for him.  I mean we had the Green Hornet (disappointment), Thor (ladies, I highly recommend this), the Green Lantern (more or less thumbs up), and soon to have Captain America.

The gift?  I didn't fall asleep in the movie.  Normally if there are enough explosions, special effects, and the theater is cool enough, it is beddie by time for me.  I have slept through all of the James Bond, Star Wars, Die Hard, and Arnie movies that are out there.  I do remember staying awake for Ironman, but I slept through Sherlock Holmes - go figure.

As a result of staying awake and somewhat engaged in the movie, I chose dinner at a Chinese place.

How is this a benefit to me?  Easy.  I've been stuck trying to find inspiration for a story.  Sort of.  I have ideas for several that have been in my mind and fighting for dominance.  The lucky numbers from dinner will be the deciding factor of some of the characters and some of the issues that may (and may not) come up ... or could just be used for me and backstory.


lizzy said...

So...the rest of the gift is a possible story from you? For us your fans? Yay!

Or...but....uh....D & B's love story decided by a "lucky Number" in a fortune cokie. I want to say, that s just not right! But, if it works for you, well, go for it!



Lisa said...

the plotting now seems to make more sense ... and it even has its own order - scary, huh?

info on the other blog.