Friday, June 24, 2011

29 days of giving challenge - celebrating someone else's muse ... day 8

Nothing makes a writer happier than knowing that his/her work has brought something to the reader.  [Ok, so I was going to say joy but if the writer did something angsty, that's just not right.]

I have several friends who write, most do it for pleasure.

Sometimes I'm lucky and I get to pre-read a sample of something and offer input.  Other times, I an lucky and I get to read the finished product.

Today I had the gift from two such friends.  The pieces were great, made me think, and offered details and perspectives I wouldn't have come up with.

My gift to them?  Easy.  I told them what I thought.  It isn't much, I mean, that and $10 will buy you a fancy coffee drink (or maybe two). But, and there is a but, isn't there always, sharing my ideas and reflections on their wok feeds their muses and mine.

Besides, who doesn't like a pat on the back once in a while?

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