Monday, June 27, 2011

29 days of giving challenge - shifting attitude ... day 10

Recently, a friend recommended me on LinkedIn.  Out of the blue were lovely words about me.  Wow.  It was an incredibly lovely recommendation and one that I didn't feel I altogether deserved especially since we've fallen out of touch. 

I sent a note via his facebook page (and I hate facebook) to thank him and to check up on him.

Like me, he is a cancer survivor.  Unlike me, the cancers won't leave him alone.  He has had several brain surgeries and undergone more chemotherapy than one person should have to endure.

We chatted briefly and to say that I was humbled and my attitude shifted is an understatement.

Maybe the gift was in my being able to recommend him as a writer, editor, co-conspirator.  Maybe my gift was to be there for him since we have similar histories.  Maybe my gift was that he has once again shifted my attitude and he doesn't even know it.

Sometimes something new grows and if we don't immediately assume it is a weed, it can become a flower.


Karen said...

And sometimes weeds have pretty flowers.

I love the positivity in this blog. Very uplifting.

Lisa said...

I'm in 'fake it until you make it' mode. Maybe in 19 more days I will be a positive person ...